Recycle Your Shoes at 847 Running Company

Each year 300 million shoes end up in landfills. Many do not break down for 30-40 years! In an effort to help lower that startling statistic and leave less of a footprint, we partnered with Sneakers 4 Funds in 2020 to collect over one ton of shoes so far. How can you help?

  • Bring your gently worn, used and even new sneakers to 847 Running Company and place in our designated collection box all year round.  
  • Sneakers collected are shipped to Sneakers 4 Funds and dispersed to micro-enterprises in 27 different developing countries. Here they are cleaned, fixed and used as inventory to support these small businesses. Micro-enterprises allow families to pave a path out of poverty through a hand up not a hand out model.
  • 847 Running Company partnered with GLASA (Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association of Lake Forest, IL) to receive .70 per pound of shoes donated from Sneakers 4 Funds as our charity of choice. We are proud to help this amazing charity give adaptive athletes access to free programming and necessary equipment just from recycling shoes. 

Questions? Give us call!