Friends of the Store

Kal and I are so excited. This has been a journey in itself. We recognize that we couldn’t have done it without our community; our tribe. You are the company you keep, and we’d like to think we keep some very amazing company. Thank you to all of our friends, families and local business owners who encouraged us along the way. This post is a shout out to the local business owners who have loved on our little family and encouraged us to keep moving forward. This was not a sprint, but a very long marathon filled with growth. From our family to yours- cheers!

Friends of the store:

These lovely folks helped fuel us with good vibes, food, drinks, design, advice and much more. Please check them out and support local business owners!

Black Cat Yoga (Libertyville) - Erin Murphy

Simply Bee Counseling (Vernon Hills) - Audrey Grunst

Lifestyle Cycle (Libertyville) - Fred and Jess

In Streetlights (Grayslake) - Iralee Nesbitt

Pizzeria Deville (Libertyville) - John Durning

Picnic Basket (Libertyville) - Cathy Amin

Heather’s Gym (Libertyville) - Heather Fahrenkrog

Craft Beer Store (Libertyville) - Edgar and Dave