Tiger Tail - The Big One

Tiger Tail - The Big One

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The Big One: Body Foam Roller Massage Tool and Myofascial Release Tool for Everybody and Every Athlete

  • Muscle friendly, easy-to-use massage tool
  • Exclusive Tiger Tail Gription® offers deep grip and friction to help massage deep and bust out knots fast in fascia and muscles
  • Helps relieve minor muscle knots, aches, and soreness

The new king of foam rollers is sleek and powerful. Easily break up muscle knots and release tightness. Rigid hollow core, hefty foam construction. Super sturdy design. Thick, heavy-duty foam. Built to last with Tiger Tail’s stamp of quality. Won’t break down. Check out our book “Happy Muscles” to help identify muscle knots/trigger points our tools can help with.

Special Features

  • High-quality materials with a super thick and dense foam
  • Sturdy, built to last,won’t break down
  • Extra thick core won’t break or crack
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean (no deep grooves to trap bacteria)
  • Easy to clean: Simply use anti-bacterial gel or gently wash with soap and water


  • 15” length x 5” width
  • 15″ massage surface
  • 2.4 pounds
  • Engineered in the USA. Manufactured in China
  • No-hassle, three-year warranty

Who Can Benefit

Someone who is comfortable with floor exercises but has stress and tension in the back, hamstring, IT bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and more. This tool is perfect for self-massage. Simply roll the target muscles on the tool.

Where Does It Work Best

Work best for back, glutes, and quads, IT bands, hamstrings. The tool allows you to roll away on the targeted muscle group. Best usage: roll on the floor.